Is A Fasting Blood Sugar Of 106 Normal?

What is a normal Fasting Blood Sugar?

I am wondering if anyone knows if 106 is a bad blood sugar to have when you wake up in the morning? I figured my blood sugar would be 80 or something because I hadn’t eaten all night, seeing as how my blood sugar is sometimes 83 during the day when I have already eaten?? any help? Thank you

 Reader answers about blood sugar

  • You should be worried about your fasting INSULIN levels. Your fasting blood sugar only tells you if your pancreas is keeping up with your ever increasing insulin resistance. The time to act is before your Blood Glucose starts to raise.
  • no its not. according to the doctors a normal fasting blood sugar, should be between 80 and 95 first thing in the morning when you wake. According to those whom I know who live with diabetes and  have lived with it for more than 30 years, says a fasting blood sugar of 100-150 absolutely fine. perhaps your fasting blood sugar could be considered on the higher side of normal, but not considered high. sounds like you are on the verge of developing high blood sugar (Pre-diabetes) with will eventually lead to diabetes if you do not take steps to manage your blood sugar levels now,  but as for now your fasting blood sugar levels are still ok.  Your blood sugar in the morning (fasting) is most important than blood sugar levels during the day. My father has had Diabetes Mellitus for over 30 years and now myself, in my 30′s I am showing signs of higher blood sugar (around 100) in the morning, but that is nothing to worry about. Cut down on your refined sugar intake as much as possible and this alone will help to keep you from developing Diabetes for a long time.
  • Under today’s standards, a blood sugar of 106 is considered high (70 – 90 being normal) but to be honest an occasional fasting blood sugar of 106 is fine. You have to look at your age, height, weight, any other illnesses you may have. If you have concerns, see your physician and he can run some tests to check for sure.
  • I took diabetes education education classes and the diabetes educator told me my fasting blood sugar should be 80-120 (before meals) as a diabetic and no more than 180 two hours after meals. So 106 if fine.
  • 106 isn’t too bad for a fasting blood sugar, but you better go to the doctor.

Blood sugar testing

Occasional Fasting blood sugar readings of over 100 may be deceptive, this can cause someone to think that they may have Diabetes when in fact the truth is that they do not yet have diabetes. A doctor should be consulted and may order a full diabetic workup, including blood tests, a glucose tolerance test, and a urinalysis. One of the most important blood tests that a doctor will order when you feel that you may have high blood sugar is an A1C this test tells the doctor what your blood sugar levels have been over the past 3 months, an elevated A1c will tell the doctor if your blood sugar has been well controlled or if perhaps you may be dealing with diabetes.

The Urinalysis will tell the doctor if you have sugar or protein spilling over from your blood into your urine. Sugar should not be in your urine, so if you have sugar in your urine, it is a good indicator that you may have elevated blood sugar levels, an indicator of diabetes. Protein in the urine is an indicator that your blood sugar may be high enough to be causing kidney damage.

Blood Sugar Conclusion;

Only a doctor can tell you for sure if your blood sugar is consistently high enough for you to be considered a diabetic. Diabetes can have serious and even life threatening complications. If you are diabetic, test your blood sugar often according to your doctors recommendations, and make sure you follow your doctors diet suggestions.

You can live a long and healthy life with diabetes as long as you regularly check your blood sugar levels and take care of your health.
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